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Worldwide Perlite Services.
Our capabilities are ‘second to none’!

Professional services assured! Worldwide Perlite Services uses expanded cryogenic grade perlite to insulate air separation units, cold boxes, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and LNG tanks.

Worldwide Perlite Services owns multiple mobile perlite expanders and will undertake cryogenic insulation work anywhere in the world. Our onsite expansion techniques ensure minimum handling of the expanded perlite, therefore ensuring low bulk density and low thermal conductivity. The perlite is constantly quality control tested at an onsite laboratory.

In addition to normal cold box/storage tanks, Worldwide Perlite Services can also provide a service to remove, transfer or replace the perlite insulation for LPG/LNG ships. This service can, and has, been carried out both, in a shipyard or at sea. Wet or dry perlite can be removed using our specially developed equipment that minimises perlite breakdown.

Worldwide Perlite Services can empty existing cold boxes for repairs and then refilled using the original perlite, where possible. Regulations are tightly adhered to ensuring all projects follow the required guidelines and controls. Our experience and qualified team are the leaders in their profession and as such you’ll be guaranteed the best job available.

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